Rud Easy 2 Go Tire Chains

Rud Easy 2 Go Tire Chains

One of the great things about buying RUD brand tire chains is that RUD has invested a lot of energy into making installation simple. The Easy-2-Go is the perfect example of their end results. Watch this video for a demonstration.

Installation Video - Rud Easy to Go

Arrange the chain neatly in front of the wheel. And leading with the colored end of the hoop, pass it around behind the wheel. Grasp both ends of the hoop and pull them upwards on the side of the tire. Join the ends of the hoop and push the hoop over the tire tread toward the back. Now connect the colored eyelets on the side chain into the hooks. When the two tension hooks are being connected together, the easy fitting is finished. Now, just drive off. The patented permanent tensioning device eliminates the need for retensioning.

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