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Tire Chain dealer is an online retailer of the RUD Brand of Snow Chains. We are located in Tucson, Arizona. We ship chains all over the United States. Since most of our product ships in Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping boxes, we sell a lot of chains to California, Washington State, Alaska, and even New York and Pennsylvania. USPS Flat Rate Shipping gives you low cost air freight shipping with delivery times often being 1-3 days from the date of the order. Our address is as follows:

Tire Chain Dealer
6421 N. Lena Place
Tucson, AZ 85741

We sell the RUD Brand. RUD Chain is a German company with more than 130 years of experience as a manufacturer of steel.

Official RUD Catalog USA - 2012/2013 season

We stock in our local warehouse the following: Grip 4x4, Olympia Sprints, Compact Grip, and PL Series Chains. We also have a few Easy2Go and Centrax models still in stock. Other chains in our catalog are stocked in Hiawatha, IA, by RUD Chain.

  Spotlight Videos:

Our Number 1 Best Seller
Grip 4x4
Our Number 2 Best Seller
Olympia Sprints

  Passenger Vehicle Tire Chains:

twist link tire chains
PL Series
Economical Choice
Traditional Twist Link
compact grip
Compact Grip
Better Choice
Simple Installation
Easy To Go Tire Chains
Easy 2 Go
Quality Choice
No Retightening
Erlau Tire Sock
Tire Sock
Unique durable fabric

  Light Truck, Heavy Truck, SUV, and Van Tire Chains

Grip 4x4
Grip 4x4
Light Truck and SUV
Easiest Installation
Olympia Sprints
Olympia Sprints
Truck, SUV, and Trailer
More Durable
Ultimate Strength, Ultimate Traction

  Equipment Snow Chains:

Forklift tire chains
Skid Steer and Forklift
2-4 Link Spacing
Made in USA
Skid Steer Howy Chains
Howy Skid Steer Chain
Best Traction
Made in USA
Ladder style grader chains
10mm Square Grader
Ladder Style
Made in USA
Square diamond grader chains
10mm SQD Grader
Best Traction
Made in USA

  Also Available:

Bison - Snow chains for heavy equipment
Large Equipment
Alligator - Snow chains for forestry operations
Forrestry Operations
Rotogrip - Automatic snow chains
Auto Deployed
Bergsteiger Shoe Chains
Walk Safely