Tire Chain Dealer

Tire Chain Dealer

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 We offer Rud Chain manufactured tire chains which are perfect for most cars, SUVs, trucks, and industrial equipment. 

We offer Quality Chain manufactured tire cables perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs that require cables.

Before purchasing tire chains or cables, we recommend you research your owner's manual to determine clearance requirements for chains.

For passenger vehicles, we offer the PL series chains and Quality Chains' Volt cables.  When chains suit your vehicles needs, we have the PL Series ladder style of chains - a product that we purchased at a steep discount and offer to you at fantastic pricing.  When inner wheel well clearance is an issue as it is with many newer models, we recommend you purchase cables. We also offer the Erlau Tire Sock - a fabric pattern tire covering product that is fantastic for city dwellers needing more traction on the way home during a snow storm.

For light trucks and SUVs, we prefer the RUD Grip 4x4 as it is perfect for individuals who need to put them on when already stuck.  This chain is very popular in the off-road community.  It works well for commuters as well.  Once again, when clearance is an issue, get cables instead.

For industrial equipment, RUD makes some of the most durable and rugged chains perfect for your forklift, loader, grader or other large industrial equipment. The chains improve traction in both snow and mud giving you the peace of mind in helping you get your job done.

We ship to all 50 states in the United States with Fast Service. 

Tire Chain Dealer is a disabled veteran owned business located in Tucson, Arizona and have been selling tire chains since 2007.

Rud   - Erlau Logo
Grip4x4 on Jeep Liberty

Go have some fun in the snow.